ViaTech Norway

ViaPPS Network Survey Vehicle

ViaPPS Network Survey Vehicle is a system developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) and meets all the requirements of NHAI Data Lake formats. ViaPPS meets the requirements for the measurement of road surfaces set by the NHAI and the requirements stated in the following standards :
• European standard – Road and Airfield surface characteristics EN 13036-8
• ASTM E-1448-92
• IRC Standards

ViaPPS is mainly used for documentation of the condition of highway, road and airport pavements along with Inventory Survey. The ViaPPS uses Laser based technology, a 360° laser scanner, to create a high – resolution 3D point cloud. The Laser technology allows the ViaPPS to measure far more parameters than existing technologies. The point
cloud created by the laser scan is used to evaluate the conditions of the pavement and the side area, the automatic report is instantly available.

ViaPPS surveys over 100 000 km every year, and has a proven reliability since 2006 in Europe and has surveyed more than 10000km in India. The ViaPPS offers : Automatic inspection of roads, 3D mapping, Automatic reports and instantly available data. All in one system. A high–resolution camera, a advanced point cloud and accurate positioning of data provide reliable results. Our customers believe ViaPPS to be very cost efficient
for maintaining the road networks.

ViaFriction - Highways

ViaFriction is used for measuring the friction levels on roads and runways ViaFriction is a one-wheeled friction measuring device pulled by a vehicle. It is designated a CFME (Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment). Its main task is to measure the friction of the pavement surface, in both winter and summer conditions. The friction between the measuring wheel and the surface is continuously measured, while a unique measuring technology, developed and patented by ViaTech, ensures that the data is stable and reliable, even under volatile conditions. This reduces the need for calibration significantly.

The device has very few moving parts – which makes ViaFriction almost maintenance free. Over 200 ViaFriction devices have been delivered since 2006; all of them are still in use, which is a testament to their durability. ViaFriction utilizes an electric braking system to be able to measure the friction coefficient.

ViaTech 3D Mapper

3-D Mapping GIS tools are being implemented Worldwide by cities transforming into Smart and interconnected cities. 3-D Mapping is used to prepare database for mapping changes in city portions, smart urban planning and planning preventive measures for natural and industrial disasters and incorporating sustainable practices. For all this Via 3D Mapper is the perfect solution.
Via3DMapper is a cost-effective solution which can be widely used in 3D Mapping of cities for utilities companies, municipalities and Smart City and town planning organizations for assets mapping and 3D modeling of existing infrastructure.